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The Subtle Art Of Managing Energy

Hey, I have a few questions for you. How do you manage your time? I see you got some pretty good points to answer that question. Well, How do you manage your finances? Okay, you have an answer even for that.

Well, what if I ask you “How do you manage your energy?”. Yes, you heard it right. Energy management! No, we are not going to talk about electrical energy management I leave that topic for your electronics teacher. Let's talk about energy which is the capacity to do everyday work.

Well, when I asked my colleagues, friends, and family members about energy management I didn't find any satisfactory answer. The most common answer was “fulfill your sleep and eat well” which wasn't the complete answer to the question. That's when the idea to crack the secret to energy management sparked in me.

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In our daily life, we talk and discuss a lot about how to manage our time and how we get things done on time. But did you ever think about how should we manage our energy? No! We didn’t. Energy management is an area that is highly neglected by most people rather it should be a highly focused one.

Energy management needs to be handled deftly. Managing time, tasks, or people rests on the energy we possess and how we use it efficiently. We need to know how to maximize energy levels and time to improve high-end efficiency. We must understand the factors causing low productivity and the way energy is drained. How we use our energy rests on our mental dynamics. We need to understand our body clock, evaluate peak and downtime, mapping goals to enhance energy levels.

Energy is everything. It goes beyond status, power, and money. Personal Energy is difficult to measure, as our energy levels vary.

There are 3 types of energy:

1. Mental Energy:

It is our ability to concentrate, pay attention, and focus. A 2015 study by Microsoft revealed that our attention span has declined over time, and is now, at eight seconds, one second shorter than that of the goldfish. Although other studies show that human attention spans have always been notoriously low, most of us would agree that technology has negatively impacted our ability to focus deeply on one task at a time. To be at our most productive, we need to shut off all distractions so that our minds are not struggling to toggle multiple tasks at the same time.

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2. Physical Energy:

It is our ability to perform physical tasks. In his research,

, author of Eat Move Sleep found that eating well, moving regularly, and being well-rested is key to maximizing productivity. When energy levels are high, we’re 3x times more engaged in our work. And yet, most of us sit too long at our desks, drink coffee then a meal for lunch and dinner followed by watching TV/web series late at night which ultimately drains our physical energy.

3. Emotional Energy:

It is our ability to feel compassion. We spend a lot of time in our own heads — much of it rehashing old events or getting caught up in needless worry about the future. No doubt wandering mind may help with creative problem solving, it can also make us unhappy and lower performance significantly because stress and regrets drain our energy. In addition, time spent ruminating about the past or fretting about the future is time wasted. Emotional energy can be boosted by listening to calm and peaceful music. I would recommend you to try RelaxFrens, you won’t regret using it trust me :)

4. Spiritual Energy:

Spiritual energy is about tapping into whatever feeds our souls. Certainly, it could be a religious practice. But it could also be a good book or quiet meditation, a nature walk or playing with a child or pet. It could be a creative pursuit, such as art, dance, or music.

Friendly tip:- Want to meditate with calm sounds? Try RelaxFrens!

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Energy management VS Working individuals

Energy management is something that co-operate job workers/students/a person struggle with. The core problem with working longer hours is that time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story. Defined in physics as the capacity to work, energy comes from four main wellsprings in human beings: the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. In each, energy can be systematically expanded and regularly renewed by establishing specific rituals — behaviors that are intentionally practiced and precisely scheduled, with the goal of making them unconscious and automatic as quickly as possible. Energy has a direct impact on growth. If clear of how energy will be utilized, one gains an edge as a leader. One should have a road map of one’s direction, to adjust the sails accordingly.

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A Quick Guide For Managing Personal Energy

Everyone should become aware of their own energetic ebbs and flows, including how to match their work output to these and learn techniques. The essence of life is energy. When enthusiastic, one brings in more passion.

  • Mindfulness meditation is an excellent tool to improve our focus and awareness. We can enhance our mental energy by integrating our minds through meditation, instead of getting lost in scattered thoughts.

  • Physical energy can be enhanced with regular exercise, no matter what kind.

  • Emotional energy is intensified by human interaction. Meeting new people and spending time with people with no particular agenda is a great way to stay positive and improve your energy levels.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

“I think money is great. But physical and mental energy is the greatest riches of human life.” ~


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