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Advices Which Will Make Your Life More Meaningful

You don't find passion you grow it!


What exactly is Meditation?

Meditation aims precisely at softening the mind and rendering it more manageable so that you can choose to concentrate or relax, and most importantly to free yourself from the tyranny of torments and mental confusion — Mathieu Ricard

Meditation is like exercise, but a type of exercise meant for the brain. Just like exercise is a common noun for different types of sports, like jogging or bodybuilding, meditation is a common noun that covers different types of mental exercise. Sometimes working consistently can give you a loss of interest or value in that particular work. just because it’s important doesn’t mean you would suffer after it. To give some calming and comfy environment to your stuff can be better than proceeding with that needed stuff.

Too straight to the point forward put forth the habit of Meditation and Exercise in your daily life routine. Tie yourself with the advice of doing meditation and practicing exercises. it’s just a cool way of relaxing yourself internally without any Distractions and noisy surroundings.

I would suggest the best way of keeping up the calmness can be easier with Relaxfrens. If you do so, it will boost your productivity and you’ll be energetic throughout the process.


IN this world, something talented or successful ability becomes a new skill and if we sit to list them we can’t. Because there are innumerable skills that can be acquired or comprehended.

In the most realistic work, skills don’t only play a major role but are also a very integral aspect of our life. And if you don’t have skills means you’re only left with subordinates who can be not so skilled or inadequate. The most skillful person you’re the most demanding you become.

Skills define your proficiency ( ability ) and how much you’re capable of doing marvels and amazing work. Being a passionate person, I read books that make my life more meaningful and worthy.

Now Reading books and inspiring people become my skill. That’s how skills help you to grow yourself. The more we get the process right, the closure we get to the targets.

One of the best skills described in the book of Les Giblin .

The no non-sense answer to the craziest question is to talk to people!

When you are talking to people, pick out the most interesting subject in the world for them to talk about.

What is the most interesting subject in the world to them?


When you talk to them about themselves they will be deeply interested and utterly fascinated. They will think well of you for doing this. When you talk to people about themselves, you are rubbing them the right way. You are working with human nature. When you talk to people about yourself, you are rubbing them the wrong way and working against human nature.

So this should be avoided. And if you do so that’s how the game changes. you’ll learn something from that person or he’ll achieve something or input from you!

Trust Yourself

If you’re the one who does not trust yourself then You’re not satisfied with yourselves and are not ready to tackle the bigger risks. Because life is full of great adventures that are largely regulated in terms of human belief. You are confident enough to tackle the suspicions, you’re inspired and motivated but you still suffer from an inferiority complex. Why so? The reason is a lack of self-trust or belief. You do not expect possibilities from yourself, you feel you’re dumped and useless even though you are not. 99% of the work we do relies on the way we trust ourselves. When you have trust in yourself or confidence and self belief then you do not care about succeeding and failure. You’ll start working and are barely concerned about receiving failure.

Being consistent can be ok until you do it concerning self-doubt. We agree that we trust ourselves, we say positive stories to ourselves . But are we tend to trust ? Aren't we abducted by an inferiority complex? Here we have an answer. You have a negative self-image, a constant feeling of frustration toward yourself and you’re overall well being. You have difficulties coping because of real and imagined physical or psychological deficiency. This is a so-called inferiority complex . Bad reflections telling ourselves. That’s just an imagination working on the negative side and how do we overcome that? To stop insulating ourselves in front of ourselves we do overcome. By just keeping up with a little amount of self-confidence. Do not constantly think that you aren’t good enough. It is an inaccurate belief that can harm your mental health and social life. Do not have fear of being judged, elevate your self-worth. Because you’re very grandiose and perfectionist. Do constantly brag about your ability and talents. The best way to overcome this problem is to do Meditation, positive self-talk and stay around positive people.


Whenever we are productive we find tons of opportunities at the same time due to this we fall into the hands of FOMO. We just want to do everything that looks cool and Interesting. Now, most people could ask me how I do Multiple tasks at a time. I keep it as simple as people imagine. I am curious AF! No matter how dumb you are, that curiosity about that particular work interprets how enthusiastic you are. If you just have a vision without any execution or implementation that’s not gonna be serving. You’re curious internally and terrified externally. The purpose is you’re scared of being what people could think of you or fear of being failed or lose. Be curious no matter how things move on. Just be interested. Do that work with full-on hopes and positive outcomes. You can either win or lose but be happy with what you receive and learn through the process. How do be more curious?

Here are 3 reasons why your curiosity is important and its execution in your life:

1. Curiosity brings Excitement

The excitement in curiosity enables the art of asking questions simultaneously and consistently. That excitement about how you can come close to that question is extraordinary. If the question triggers in you if the question sparks your curiosity it energies you to go out and seek more input about it.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious — Albert Einstein.

Curious people always ask questions and search for answers in their minds. They are always active. There are always new things that excite and attract their attention. Instead of being bored, curious people have an adventurous life.

2. Curiosity brings the world and prospects out of the crate.

We sometimes forget about the cool things but that doesn’t mean we aren’t curious. You are curious but the things are inside the crate. Your work is to take them out and learn or discover them within yourself. By being passionately curious you will be able to see new worlds and likelihoods which are normally not visible. They are hidden behind the surface of normal life, and it takes a curious mind to look beneath the surface and discover these new worlds and possibilities.

3. Curiosity makes your mind active.

If you’re passionate and want to learn more good stuff then you’re curiously fascinated . curiosity makes your inner confidence more than active and you are eagerly satisfied to know more and explore. Its existence makes a person more alive and active. It keeps the mind strong and in shape. Curiosity widens our knowledge and helps our brain function better. However, you should keep in mind to limit Your curiosity because being too curious or asking too much can lead to nosiness, which in turn people will refer to you as exaggerated or annoying instead of intelligent.

Hence, curiosity is the natural desire to build proficiency and reduce moments of uncertainty and ambiguity.


Now if we look at our fears we find many scary things that make us anxious and distressed. If we reside in the same thought of “ What If “ then, we are not gonna be making it. I keep it simple, that fears are of 2 categories. One is the fear of getting damaged or eradicated and the other is the fear of losing or rejection. The fear of getting damaged can be tolerable at some point and it makes sense. But the fear of rejection can be more problematic even though it isn’t. In short, we learn our fears. Most commonly we are scared of our worse expectations and fiction. In the present scenario, we started thinking about our imagination even though we don’t know what exactly the aspect is. It is good to have fears but not everywhere and all the time. But, we often have fear of situations that are far from dangerous and these fears can stop us from exploring and experiencing wonderful things. Sometimes our fears are less traumatic and more inconvenient. Something that stops you from living the truest potential. Anxious people tend to exaggerate the circumstances and find fear in every corner. Not all of us suffer from anxiety, but fear certainly has the potential to hold us back in life. And these are some reasons people don’t show their great interest and contributions.

Fear is a habit so is self-pity, defeat, anxiety, despair, hopelessness and resignation. You can eliminate all of these negative habits with two simple resolves: I can and I will. — Napoleon Hill.

What do you think about what can be the biggest fear of all? It turns out based on research and study that the number one fear in the world is fear of public speaking is very pervasive. When you speak, people expect something exciting and worthful from you. And when you speak, make sure you’ll fulfil their expectations. And that’s the only way out you can make yourself fearless and more fell in love with the process.


RelaxFrens is an app to help you meditate using relaxing sounds.

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