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Eliminate unwanted sounds for better sleep!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

How white noise can help you sleep more at night?

If you want a good night’s sleep, try White Noise. Science is uncovering why sounds of the natural world, like ocean waves, and artificial noises, like fans and air conditioners, can help us achieve more restful sleep. Here’s what you need to know about white noise, and why it’s as powerful as better sleep music.

What is white noise?

White noise is created by the combination of all the different frequencies of sound. It’s like 20,000 tones playing at the same time. Because it contains so many frequencies, it masks other sounds.

The reason nature sounds like rain, wind, waterfalls or the ocean are so powerful is because they are white noise. These natural forces produce so many different tones that it has the same power as artificial white noise.

Eliminate unwanted sounds for better sleep.

You are in bed. You are ready to sleep. You hear noises outside. The voice is very muffled, but you can’t help but listen. Then the furnace starts up. Now you’re wondering if you should turn it down a bit. Congratulations, you are now more awake.

Only in situations like this will white noise help . It works by reducing noise, reducing the nuisance of random noise and preventing sleep disturbance. It masks noises that normally interfere with sleep at night, such as wind, car horns, and various sounds. This constant stream of white noise satisfies the brain’s need for stimulation and prevents it from getting too excited when it hears random noises at night. Listening to white noise can help you sleep undisturbed, suggests the National Sleep Foundation .

The science of sleep with white noise

There is growing scientific evidence that white noise is a non-pharmacological complementary treatment for insomnia. It has been shown to promote sleep in infants and adults. For people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and acute stress disorder, white noise can be used as a simple, safe, and cost-effective alternative to medicine in some cases.

In intensive care units, patients experienced an increase in sleep disturbances compared to other areas of the hospital. A 2016 study sought to find out the impact of white noise on sleep quality in intensive care unit patients. They concluded: “In coronary care units, white noise is recommended as a means of masking ambient noise, improving sleep, and maintaining sleep.” “White noise improves sleep quality in patients in an area where people are often exposed to Talking, whistling, and other noise bombardments that disrupt sleep.

White noise, relaxing music in nature.

Many people find the sounds of oceans, rivers, waterfalls and rain to be relaxing and calming. Now, science shows that these sounds can physically alter our minds and bodies.

Wind Storm Ambience

Researchers from Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) found that playing natural music reduced participants’ flight or fear responses. Studies measuring brain activity in MRI scanners found that “we are all familiar with the feeling of relaxation and ‘rest’ during a walk in the countryside, and now we have evidence from the brain and body to help us understand this effect.”

Listen to White Noise on RelaxFrens

There are many ways to experience white noise on Relaxfrens. Choose from relaxing natural sounds or sleep-inducing fans , air conditioners , and white noise Application we’ve created .

RelaxFrens Application Interface

Being in a noisy work environment:

This Application can help reduce the chance of tinnitus or symptoms of tinnitus because these sounds can help mask other sounds.


This Application also block outside noise, such as street noise or room noise.


White noise helps mask the internal tinnitus you hear. Experience all of our relaxing white noise and nature sounds by RelaxFrens. enjoy it!


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